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PriviKids started with our pursuit of simple but stylish clothes for our first child, Aiden. It hasn't been a breeze finding them, even on our cosmopolitan island, so we began looking overseas. To help other parents pursue the same style that we love, we decided to share our finds through our online shop with an exclusive collection of apparel for like-minded parents. We believe every kid deserves a privileged childhood! We are looking to launch our very own line of apparel and add accessories and lifestyle products to our collection in the future.


Every piece of clothing is specially curated with a discerning eye for detail, style and comfort for your kids. New designs are launched regularly and every design comes in limited quantities. Your little ones (and yourselves) can now stand out in the sea of mass market designs and step out with confidence as they are dressed in the reflection of your style.


With our simple and straightforward interface, browsing through our collection and purchasing items for your kids can now be a breeze and available 24/7. Our online shop provides secure credit card payment through PayPal, efficient delivery and assurance with our return policy. No more carrying tantrum throwing kids as you explore the malls in search for the latest additions to their wardrobe.


Aren't you tired of receiving online purchases that arrive in a sorry state? Specially selected craft papers and personalised stickers define each package that we carefully put together. Each shipment is packed with love (and at no extra cost to you) so you will relish the joy of unveiling your chosen products. Keep the delivery envelope for some creative fun with your kids, as each envelope arrives ready to colour! Gift cards are included for special messages to be delivered along with the package. Makes ideal gifts for family and friends!


We will donate all pre-loved children clothes (in good condition) that we collect from you to the under-privileged children in Singapore. We will personally come by your home to deliver your order and collect the children clothes. Share your care and love for the under-privileged children under the care of The Salvation Army and the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS), our charities of choice.


Do drop us an email at if you have anything to share with us. We would love to get feedback from you about our store so that we can make it better!

PriviKids is a registered business in Singapore (Registration Number 53233307A) run by Mummy Cher and Daddy Darren.


With love, PriviKids